How to use a Toolkit template

Using The Toolkit. Note: This is a sample only. To use a template, please download a MS Word template from the Toolkit templates on the right of the Toolkit page or shown as the attachment on each Guideline page. Select the class, course or program to be reviewed. In the space provided under each Guideline, describe an example of a teaching exercise or strategy that acknowledges or supports the guideline. Not every Guideline will be relevant to your learning and teaching practices; however, if you can think of  few or no examples of the Guideline that you are considering in action, reflect on what you might do in the future to incorporate that Guideline in your teaching strategies. An invitation to students to participate in this process could be very productive. You might wish to record any constraints that are preventing you from effectively applying the Guideline in your practice and consider whether these can be addressed. There is also space for you to note resources and staff development opportunities to support you in applying the Guideline.
Note: There is a complete set of templates for all the Guidelines together with more instructions on use, which you can download from the bottom of the list of individual templates on the right of the Toolkit page or below.

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