Guideline Thirteen | Appropriate IT

13. Learning can be enhanced and independent learning skills developed through appropriate use of information and communication technologies.

The most effective uses of technology supported teaching are possible when underpinned by student centred teaching practices that encourage students to adopt a deep approach to learning.” Housego, S. & Freeman, M. 2000, “Case studies: integrating the use of web based learning systems into student learning”, Australian Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 258–82. link

A key positive contribution that the use of technology can bring to university teaching and learning is that it encourages teachers, educational designers and managers to ask questions about the way learning happens. Many researchers are emphasising that information technology applications to the teaching and learning process need to be guided by an understanding of effective learning conditions.” McCann, D., Christmass, J., Nicholson, P. & Stuparich, J. 1998, Educational Technology in Higher Education.

It takes a while to develop a good pedagogy appropriate for a new technology” Washington University, Teachnology Webagogy Technology In Support of Higher Education Teaching & Learning. link


Toolkit Guideline 13


Online Resources

A learning design toolkit to create pedagogically effective learning activities. Grainne Coinole & Karen Fill. University of Southampton. link

Creating a Campus Culture to Support a Teaching and Learning Revolution. Dorothy Frayer. Duquesne University. link

Learning to teach online. A brilliant free course to help online teaching. UNSW Art & Design link